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    Published: 2013-10-15, by Peter Warrior.

    An addictive endless runner

    • Beautiful animations and landscapes
    • Challenging
    • New and improved multiplayer features optionally including real money
    • Difficulty can be discouraging

    "I'm not sloth, I have my very own rhythm"

    CLR is an endless sidescroller runner in the vein of many similar games, wherein you can jump, slide and have to pick up coins to get powerups and skills, what is critical because some important skills such as double jumping aren't available till you buy them, and you can bet they're the key to reach farther, which is the main goal of this game. By the way, you control a clumsy yet beautifully animated sloth, perhaps inspired by that Ice Age character who, in addition to platforms, has to jump onto zip lines and ride jet packs and avoid enemies in your way, so you can't turn away your eyes from the screen not even for a milisecond.

    Know beforehand that this game is hellishly difficult, and despite its casual looks requires training and temple. Although its gameplay can be rather simple, it's extremely tricky after all. In short, it's easy to get carried along and do a mistake that will send you to the bottom of a chasm or get yourself impaled by stakes or whatever. Don't be shy and train, and don't give up even if you often die in the very first seconds. Once you get the hang of it, it's a delightful challenge.

    This game also comes with the usual social features to beat your friends' records and so but, unlike other similar games, Crazy Lazy Runner allows online multiplayer tournaments that, hold tight, can be played for fun as many times as you wish or for cash: yes, you've read it alright, you can bet on yourself. This really makes the difference.

    Therefore, a great ever-runner with a big bag of surprises on its back. We gladly welcome it as the fresh air it is to a flooded and exhausted genre.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 15, 2013


    Run, jump, slide and…set up traps!

    If you thought that sloths were boring, Crazy Lazy Runner will make you change your mind.
    Make the slowest animal on earth run, slide through zip lines, smash enemies, dress up as Elvis or propel yourself into the skies with The Jetpack…but mainly, sting at your friends and beat your rivals to win real money.

    Crazy Lazy Runner is an endless game in which you will have to run as far as possible to beat your friends’ and your own scores. And if you can’t, take revenge on him by setting up a trap on his way.

    Enjoy the laziness!


    • Special Abilities: Double jump, glide, punch
    • Different utilities: Magnet, turbo, shield, double coins
    • Bonus Levels
    • Themed Costumes: cool pyjama, tracksuit, adventurer and Elvis the King of Rock
    • Different environments: jungle, desert and snow.
    • More than 50 missions and 20 achievements!
    • Possibility to add your friends via Facebook and Twitter
    • Share your score via Twitter and Facebook!
    • Music and original sound
    • Play multiplayer games and compete against other people to win money!

    Compete against your friends to be the best runner!

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