Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (Lite)




    Now start the game with cute Alpaca character and get 3 consecutive WINS of “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)”
    Alpaca Character is so cute.

    What's “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)”?
    Japanese Traditional Game.
    Usually, 2 players battle game.
    This application realizes the traditional game for android.
    Player vs. Android.

    First of all,
    (1)Decide Offence OR Defense by playing the “Jan ken” (paper-stone-scissors).
    If you win by “Jan ken”, you get Offence for “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)”.
    In case of lose by “Jan ken”, you get Defense.
    “STONE” win against “SCISSORS”
    “SCISSORS” win against “PAPER”
    “PAPER” win against “STONE”
    If same, DRAW. (Re-play the “Jan ken”)

    (2)Offence moves the finger in front of Defense’s face with saying “1-2(Acchi Muite)”.
    After that, Offence moves the finger for the direction which Offence select with saying “3!(Hoi)”.
    (select the direction out of 4 directions(,,,))

    Defense watches this finger and forecast what of direction Offence will select, and Defense will decide the different direction Offence select and at the time of “3!(Hoi)”, Defense moves the face to his/her decided direction.
    (This application replace the face moving action by Defense with “Flick” on the panel.

    In case that Offence finger direction MATCH with Defense face direction, Offence WIN, Defense LOSE.

    In case that Offence finger DOES NOT MATCH with Defense face direction, DRAW.
    Return to (1) continue the game.

    Tips :
    -Offence could not “LOSE”, so it’s important to get offence by winning the “Jan Ken”.
    -Unfortunately, you are defense by losing the “Jan Ken”, Forecast the other direction against Offence finger direction. Therefore, you can get DRAW and have a chance to get Offence at the next inning.

    (STORY background)
    The solitary Island in the Atlantic Ocean, lots of pretty rare animals living in the Indie Animal Island. They have a lot of the time and bored everyday.
    One day, they find the very old stone on which the how to use of the traditional game “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)”. At that time, Animals are crazy about playing this game.
    On the other day, you drift down to the Island, Animals are willing to play the game with you.
    You can not escape from the Island until you get 3 consecutive WINS of “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)”.
    Now start the game and get 3 consecutive WINS to escape from the Indies Animal Island!

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    Olivia Wooden

    by Olivia Wooden

    Jan 01, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Dude install this CUTE app

    Madison Mcloughlin

    by Madison Mcloughlin

    Aug 06, 2013  |  "OK"

    It only lets me press the top arrow and then the whole game stopped.