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    DemonicDentist2 - THE iPhone/Android Comedy Game App to participate in.
    Improved version, revised storyboard, revised navigation
    In this Comedy Game App you have the possibility to repair a wretched pair of teeth – as quick as possible.
    Make use of equipment like dental drill, tongs, injections, etc. during your treatment.
    During the use of these equipments you can hear their actual background noises. It sounds like a real dental surgery.
    Start with an X-ray of the patients teeth, to diagnose the damages.
    After repairing all damages as quick and accurate as possible, you receive a hourly rate in form of “Eurobonbons”. This is the measure of all things, your Highscore!

    For complete game instruction check the instruction manual under or Enter “DemonicDentist” in the search option.

    An advantage of this App is: you can participate in the App!
    We want:
    •People who have interesting ideas and funny texts regarding dental therapies. Preferably in your native language.
    •People who can imitate celebrities of their home country.
    •Both of the mentioned above.

    Please note not to use indecent or obnoxious language.

    Text material should fit to following situations:
    Short introduction regarding the dental visit
    •Location of toothache
    •Taking an X-ray
    •Acknowledge the dental drilling collection
    •Receiving dental filling
    •Receiving an injection
    •Getting a tooth extracted
    •Receiving an implant
    •Contacting Insurance Company
    •A small mistake occurs
    •Surgery mistake occurs
    •Something general
    •Surgery completed

    Send your ideas, texts or mp3 file to:

    What do you get from it?
    Should we make use of your texts or mp3 files we offer to post a link of your homepage, Facebook- or Twitter profile in the App. You get to be an integral part of the App.

    We’re looking forward to receive your emails.

    Enjoy the Game!