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    Published: 2013-03-13, by Peter Warrior.

    A dental surgery simulator

    • It's original and can be quite educational
    • It's very entertaining and thrilling
    • It's free, but ads and notifications are annoying

    "Say ahhh!!!"

    Mobile gaming allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of brave firefighters, witty detectives, skilled drivers, unsound soldiers and who know what else. In addition, were you able to see what was coming (drumroll)? Yes, you can be a truly virtual dentist now!

    Besides the obvious teaching uses this app can has and how useful it can be to raise children's awareness about dental health, game's a mix of a hidden object game, as you have to find problems in patient's mouth (there are even hints in the form of x-ray panels) but also it's somehow a skill game, because you'll have to be accurate and act without hesitation, because patients have that bad habit of arriving to your office when they can't bear pain anymore. It's luck that we're living in the XXIst century and both real and virtual dentists use anesthesia, we can't wait for a medieval version of this Dentist Story to be launched.

    As your skill improves, worse patients will visit you to be diagnosed and treated, and what started with easy whitenings and cleanings gets to be about critical extractions and tricky drillings.

    A very original game, much more exciting that you could expect. Its only flaw is to be free: too many annoying ads and notifications without a settings option to avoid them or even a chance to upgrade the app to a premium version and get rid of them.

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    Mar 13, 2013


    This summer candy crushing and chocolate eating is guaranteed and your Dentist is ready to take care of oral health!

    Precision is the key! So Grab your dental drill and be an expert dentist.

    A role playing fun game which enables you to perform dental drilling, tooth scaling, teeth cleaning, whitening, mouth washing, dental extraction as well as performing examinations, taking x-rays and diagnosis. This is all about being a Dental surgeon by specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

    You are a dentist and virtual patients keep visiting as your level and expertise increase. Always think like a dentist so first listen to their issue, examine them and use your expertise to treat them painlessly.

    - Challenging dental adventures
    - Nonstop surgical entertainment
    - State of the art tool kit with contemporary equipment

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