DiceSoldier vs Dragon




    This is the 4th game from SummerTimeStudio!
    An Okinawan game studio would like to provide you with a stress relieving game, Dice Solder.
    It is free-to-play, and we have also renewed the game play and levels!

    In the kingdom of Saikolon, the battle was getting worse and worse.
    To end this battle once and for all, they have deployed their secret weapon…
    Can this weapon really bring peace and end the war?
    See the result in this simple action defence game.

    Easy controls, BIG effects.
    Use the dragons to get rid of the invaders!
How to play is simple. Just tap the screen and enjoy the result.
    This is made for you to relax and relieve stress.

    The enemy comes, you tap the screen, and defend the castle!

    Three Dragons:
    Use the three dragons wisely, the key to winning is to switch between them.
    Fire dragon has a short range, but is the strongest.
    Ice dragon has a low attack, but has the ability to slow down your enemies.
    Acid dragon damages your opponents along a long period of time.
    Every stage has different forms of waves, use it strategically to win!

    You can obtain new attacks such as ground attack, where thorns come out of the ground, and others! When you win battles, you will obtain coins which you can use to power up and buy items. More you upgrade, the stronger, bigger, and more intense the effects get!

    【Recommended Model】
    Android OS2.3 or later
    GalaxyS or later

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