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    A collection of mini-games based on a universal Board Game system I've developed over the years.
    MineSweeper... with optional Hexagon mode
    Begemed... lots easier with optional Hexagon mode
    ColorGroup... eliminate all the adjacent colors
    Yatc (Yet Another Tetromino Clone) with optional Pentominoes and Hexominoes!)
    Checkers... your standard 2 player game of checkers, on an extra large board
    Chess... your average 2 player game of chess.
    Kerplop... land pieces next to your opponent's to capture their pieces.
    Reversi... your average game of reversi, with an optional extra large board and 4 possible players.
    Klondike... Same logic as my other Klondike game.
    Twosies... Match similar tiles to each other, combine to form higher values.
    And a few others...

    If you found this app at a site other than the Android Marketplace, Digiwack Software does not support any "features" that may have been added after it was scrapped from Google Play. You can find the original source of this App here:

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