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    Automatically sums up the dots on a group of dominoes using your phone's camera.
    Latest version includes a complete score application!

    Keeps score for 2 to 8 players. If you have too many dots too count, use the AUTO COUNT feature and let your phone or tablet count the dots for you!

    Auto Count will count the dots (a.k.a. pips) on a group of dominoes using the camera. Great for adding up the dots on a large number of tiles at the end of a round of Mexican Train dominoes. Just point the camera at the dominoes you wish to count, and tap anywhere on the screen. The total will appear in a second or two. A circle is drawn around each pip in the image so you can verify what was counted. The total is then added to the player score.

    Add or delete players in mid game.
    Add more rounds whenever you like.
    Long press the player name to customize the name.
    The app keeps track of which rounds are complete and will warn you if you try to rescore a round that has already been scored.
    Use the slider at the top to slide through rounds when they can't all be displayed at once.
    Rounds can count up or down.

    For best results, it is important to hold the camera horizontally over the dominoes. It is also important to play on a solid-colored surface like a wood table or a solid tablecloth.

    For those of you who liked the Domino Dot Counter the way it was - don't panic. You can disable scoring in the settings menu.

    Please email us with any suggestions, concerns, or problems with the dot counter.

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