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    The Donburi Mania is an exciting cooking restaurant management game which focuses on speed and accuracy of handling the customers' demand in a restaurant. Unlike the other similar games, this game brings you a unique experience on cooking and managing customers in a Donburi Restaurant, that serves Japanese food containing meat and vegetables served in a bowl. Now your first experience is here at Donburi Mania!! Enjoy our game for FREE!

    Enjoy the unique pixel art gaming experience with an exciting feeling of cooking,managing and serving customers in a rush-hour time restaurant. Like any other big titles such as "Fans Sally's Spa", "Success Story", and "Dinner Dash" you will have a role as a restaurant owner also as the chef that cooks food and serves them to customers at the same time. This time, you will be challenged to not only serves customer, but your accuracy on giving a right food to the right customer. And remember that accuracy is not everything, speed when you cooking is also a major point for serving customers on Donburi Restaurant.

    Gain scores by cooking a speedy yet accurate food to the customers, unlock other Restaurant levels and Prove yourself that you are a Donburi Mania!

    Please try premium version when you get enjoyed with this Lite version! With premium version, you can continue to play with additional stages with fun.

    PLUS :

    • 3 Awesome stages (Premium version only)

    An astonishing 3 different stages with unique concepts. Player will be brought to the atmospheric situation as though as you are one of the Donburi owner's restaurant.

    • Train your Accuracy and Reflexes

    The Donburi Mania invites you to a rush-hour time restaurant that requires you to cooking food quickly and deliver them accurately to the right customers and if you can play all levels quickly, it will be a success story for you as chef and manager in Donburi restaurant Restaurant.

    • Unique Japanese style food
    Enjoy the feeling of serving and cooking some of the popular food in Japan, Donburi!. But this time, you are serving and opening one restaurant of it! Same popular theme like Sushi Chain in Japan.

    • Exciting pixel art graphic concepts

    Unlike any other restaurant cooking based games, In Donburi restaurant Management we deliver unique and exciting experience of pixel art style game! Now you can cooking foods and serves them to customers with a fun like no other.

    • Unique music background (8 bit chiptune)

    With high quality score that support the art style of the atmosphere restaurant pixel art game so it will be more tasteful to play.

    • Offline play mode

    Problems with your connections? No internet connection is needed for this game, you can open your restaurants even in an exiled island with no internet!

    • Post your score and be the fastest at the endless game mode.

    Of course Managing a restaurant and serving costumers is not easy…it requires Speed! accuracy! And Concentration of course…so, why not boast about your hard work and how fast are you to other people? Remember, when you think you’re fast enough, Maybe somebody is faster than you! So, Be the fastest person at The Donburi Restaurant!

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