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    Is your tummy grumbling for something yummy? What’s better than a soft & sweet donut? Your own Donut Maker will give you infinite tasty doughnuts in different flavors, flattering toppings and what not!

    Making delicious donuts was never this easy; Mix, cut, fry and then decorate and…Tadaaa! Dunkin’ your dunkable donut in hot milk or chocolate syrup and experience the donut of your dreams. Just follow the instructions and reach the ultimate mouthwatering delicacy with your own Donut Maker. Who knew such round tasty treats for your taste buds could be made, with or without the hole, simply with dough. Spruce up your donut with countless options of frostings, syrups, sprinkles and icings - glaze it up with honey; adorn with sugar crumbs, cream or caramel; fill with jelly, custard or chocolate; garnish with toffee, candies or nuts. Be creative and make it a candy for your eye! Thanks to the latest Donut Maker, now you can savor your dessert on the go - without any mess or delay!

    Dessert lovers can’t just move away from the Donut Maker. Eat to your heart’s content. Fun cooking-time for kids and adults altogether. Enjoy with friends over coffee-break or breakfast. Way to go Donut Chef!

    ✔ Thousands of possible combinations for making your very own donuts.
    ✔ Several unique decoration categories, each with 10+ items – all unlocked from the very start.
    ✔ Completely free – no strings attached.
    ✔ You can save your created doughnuts and show it to your friends and family.
    ✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals.

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