Dots Connect




    Dots Connect is a one minute game that will keep you hooked for hours. Connect dots of the same color from an ever-filling grid to get the highest score - use powerups to help you boost your score.

    How to play:
    Connect same-colored dots to clear them from an ever-refilling board to get the highest score possible in 1 minute.
    Connect as many dots as possible horizontally or vertically to make them disappear.
    If you make a square or rectangle of connecting dots, all dots of that color will disappear from the board.
    Your score is counted by how many dots you eliminate in 60 seconds.
    You can boost your score by using power-ups. The following power-ups are currently available:
    1) Time Freeze: Stops the clock for 5 seconds. Can be used once only a round.
    2) Shooter: Remove a single dot from the board. Double tap a dot to invoke this power-up automatically.
    3) Nuke ‘em: Removes all dots of a chosen color from the board. Can be used only up to five time in a round.

    You can get power-ups by redeeming the dots that you have added to your score (all the dots that you clear in a round are added to your cumulative score) or using the in-app purchase option.

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