Down Hill OMG!




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    ★ A "Free to Roam Anywhere" endless runner game
    ★ Unlimited Never-ending Terrains
    ★ Facebook Integration at
    ★ Fully physics based sledding down insane mountains
    ★ Achieve Insane speeds and hang-times
    ★ Move in all directions
    ★ Over 250 voiceovers and Sound FX
    ★ Over 30 Custom Music Sound tracks
    ★ Amazing camera angles
    Overall, most find this simple game enjoyable to play for long periods of time. Compared to every other sled game out there, this sled boasts the most physics and flexibility.
    It's a free 3d sledding game. Similar to skiing down a mountain or sledding down slopes, take to the snow and manage to get as high in the air as you can, as long in the air as you can and as fast as you can. Brag about your achievements on facebook. Whether you are looking for a Christmas game, or a Summer game, or you might be looking for a Fall game or Spring game. Come sledding in Antarctica at all times of the year in this top secret sled test program put on by Area 51 secret scientists. No racing around the same endless track after track without having the freedom to roam. Go wherever you like in the world’s most massive downhill mountain ever crossed. Don’t get trapped, don’t build with blocks, don’t upgrade your car, don’t upgrade your weapons…. Just sled as fast you can down a hill. Join tournaments on facebook and compete for virtual prizes and bragging rights. Use the coin shop to upgrade your sledder. Everything from health potions to sled upgrades coming. Health potions upgrade your sled’s durability instantly and permanently while at the same time reviving a damaged sled while going down the mountain.

    ★ Note 2: You cannot buy anything at the moment with real money so coins are given out on a regular basis before and after each play to compensate.
    ★ Note 3: The android version facebook features are not yet functioning but it will not hinder gameplay.
    ★ Note 4: You can play this game on facebook at
    ★ Note 5: PC version with over 50 new types of hillside area is coming soon. There is no way to fit all of the terrains on mobile or on facebook, so these will only be available as a full game download on PC & Mac.

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