Dragon Keeper




    The kingdom is cursed! The evil witch interrupted your wedding and turned your beloved Princess into a stone. The castle became a prison for all of those who dare to come to your wedding. Moreover the witch banished you from the kingdom... forever! You know there is only one place where you can seek for the help. Deep, very deep in the mountain where the dragons dwell. Maybe they can help you find a way how to defeat the evil witch.

    - buy dragon eggs
    - breed, feed and take care of your baby dragons
    - defend against greedy heroes
    - forge magic jewels
    - 4 caves to explore
    - 15 dragons and other creatures to take care of
    - customize your caves
    - earn various achievements

    Featured by Apple as "NEW AND NOTEWORTHY" on iOS app store!

    "Dragon Keeper is a game that’s high on cuteness factor and fun gameplay!" -Gamepudding-

    "Dragon Keeper succeeds in being a smart, amusing game that can be enjoyed by folks from 8 to 80."

    "Honestly, gameplay is so brisk and enjoyable that the addiction factor is high, and you will likely get sucked in."

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