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    Dragons Sword

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    It is simple RPG that you can play with one hand.

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    - Do you be able to defeat the dragon?
    The goal of this game is to defeat the dragon.
    You can always challenge the final stage.
    But you will not be able to win even Dragon of child ...

    - The battle to one's own pace and simple!
    It's just to attack to win in combat. It is possible to return to the town anytime you think you can not win by the physical strength decreases.
    You will not lose if you do not let your guard down!
    Physical fitness will also be restored if you go back to town.

    To attack simply by watching the physical strength is good.
    Thinking the strategy carefully also good.
    It's a high-stakes gamble it is also good.

    However, you lose the level and items when defeated.

    - Weapon is disposable! It is even more so if to beat a strong man!
    There are two types of attack of attack and strong attack.
    Strong attack can be expected damage much stronger than normal attacks. You can give a stronger damage if you're equipped with a weapon.
    However, it would be good for strength attack destroys the weapon with a single blow, it's keep on hand one powerful weapon.

    - Herbs unlimited possibilities!
    This game, you can train a weapon in the blacksmith.
    There is a herb.
    I can also train herb smith is amazing.
    Herb to eat in combat will be able to continue to increase the physical strength beyond the limit without a relationship such as the status of the player further.
    Physical fitness will be great if there is a powerful medicinal herb without having to level up something.

    - Let's allocate the status level when up!
    You can assign a level up bonus to the desired parameters such as attack power and physical strength.
    You can grow to favorite style emphasizes physical fitness, attack-oriented, such as defense-oriented.

    - Boss of the past is a good target!
    Boss monster is overlooking any number of times, it is a good idea to go to see even after you kill once.
    You might drop a good item by boss monsters.

    -Vs Dragon!
    will be high level, strong weapon set, you prepared a lot of medicinal plants further. It's time to fight the dragon! Are you able to defeat the dragon!?