Draw-It Pro

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    Draw-It is an online multiplayer game of drawing and guessing. By turns, the game tells a player to draw something. While this player is drawing, image is shown in real-time to the other players which must guess what it is. When someone gets it, a point is given to the guesser, and other point is given to the drawing player.
    You can guess just speaking! Press the button, talk, and Google voice recognition system will do the rest.
    Play with selected friends or a quick game, and system will find you an opponent.
    It uses Google Play Game Services for multiplayer link.
    You can play with people speaking a different language, as terms proposed and admitted are translated to each player language.
    Share your best drawings on Google+, Facebook an Twitter. You are an artist. Tell the world!
    You can run private quick games and inviite friends by Whatsapp, Facebook or whatever social netwotk you use.
    You can use a full colored pallete with pen width selector, and chat with the other players after the game.
    Now voice chat! Send voice messages to the other players while playing and after the game.