Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an ageless question, however the answer is not about which came first; it’s about which is the strongest, the best, the fastest!

    In this game of reflexes and speed side with the chicken or the egg samurai and decide, once and for all, which one will be first.

    Endurance Mode
    1P mode that will test your reflexes to determine if you a a true warrior. You will play as the egg samurai with the objective of defeating your chicken enemy.

    When the mark “!” appears, you must attack faster than the chicken in order to defeat him. Press on the chicken to cut him down!

    Battle Mode
    2P mode that pits friends--or foes--against one another in an intense battle of skill and determination.

    One player will play as the egg samurai, the other as the chicken. Two buttons will appear on-screen, the top for Player One and the bottom for Player Two. Both warriors, the chicken and the egg, are equal in strength.

    The mark “!” will appear and the first to touch the screen wins the round. The first warrior to score three rounds wins.

    Check Scores
    If you’re curious about how your score ranks with others, you can check fastest times and the number of wins for players here.

    Included with the game is a tutorial, giving instructions on how to play.

    Here you can also find the developer’s best score. Are you skilled enough to earn a score that will beat him?

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