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    Escape from Death Valley

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    An archaeologist meets with an accident on his way and his vehicle rolls over a stone. He looks around and finds the place is the Death Valley. He plans to make a vehicle of his own and flee away from the scary place. help him to find the appropriate things to construct his new vehicle
    Click the bumper of the truck in the view Get the chain link, pedal rod, Bicycle seat
    click the center part of the truck.Get 4 nuts, 2 plungers, spanner, iron rod, and 2 cotter pins
    click on the big cactus plant in front of the truck, Get the pedal, and click on the hidden snake
    snake and mongoose fight each other, Snake will run away from its place.
    get back to the big cactus plant, Take Crankset and bicycle chain
    Get bicycle wheel in the left side of the well Click on the wall
    click the steps one by one to go down, Get another bicycle wheel and tube
    Click on skull to get washer. Click on bicycle frame which is near the tree.
    Drag iron rod to bicycle frame. Click tyres which are suspending in the tree.
    Get tyres, cycle pump handle and hand pump
    Get air tube from left of the big cactus plant on the opposite side
    click big cactus plant on the opposite side and get another cycle tube.
    Click hand pump, Drag air tube to attach with hand pump
    click cycle pump handle and drag washer
    click hand pump,drag its handle
    Click on a wheel and drag a tube to it, then drag Tyre.
    Drag the plunger to the wheel, and drag the hand pump to inflate the Tyre.
    Repeat the process for the other wheel
    Click Crankset, attach the pedal and tighten with spanner.
    Click frame of cycle, drag pedal, then cotter pin.
    Drag iron rod to hit, then it turns.
    Now drag the Crankset to frame and attach cotter pin, and then hit it with the iron rod.
    Attach rear and front wheel, drag the nuts to the wheel and tighten them with spanner.
    Attach seat, drag rest of the nuts to each wheel and tighten with spanner.
    Drag cycle chain to Crankset and then attach chain link.
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    Tags: 死の谷 , 脱出死の谷

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