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    You have a beetle as a pet? Now but fashionable? And the will to keep a view, you'll put them a sleek, to WangDou and beetles, and then buy different species of beetles produce excellent breeds. Is there a shop can be shopping, there is a worm field can be a bug make money, can also raise the beetle sell go out... Very interesting form game oh ~
    Game shows:
    * began to you only have two, can go to the shopping cart there to buy a new beetle,
    * flags are measures insect hall, can choose beetle to fight, lost to less 100 piece,
    * house home is a beetle, the bottom right hand corner is food and toys,
    * beetles design can give bugs from the name, still can see beetles family tree,
    * hello beetles have to clean up framed, or beetles will his smelly dead.
    Dung beetles can let money is not happy, click remove it!
    The feeding and breeding and too much money a beetle will make happiness falling fast!
    Money beetles are happy, and can't fight.
    Money is not happy will die beetle, toys and certain foods can increase the beetle's happiness.
    Drug money can make beetles growing fast, but will reduce the health of the beetle.
    Use money selling beetles function, waiting for the guest himself the door, beetles shall be more than 15, age before they can be sold.
    Money to go the pet market actively look for guests to system price sell beetle, no age limit.
    Money market has sold beetles, food and toys.
    Money buy toys will automatically be placed in the feeding and breeding, and automatic play a role.
    Beetle age more than 30 days money can begin to breed.
    Female beetle money every 30 days can be a family, and beetles is unlimited.
    Money every time birth gave birth to 1-3 little beetle.
    Money can produce new varieties breeding enormously.
    The same reproductive which can produce the same money varieties.

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