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    Farm Samurai Chef's review

    Published: 2014-02-12, by Peter Warrior.

    A fruit slicer game set in an animal farm

    • Easy to learn
    • It becomes boring very fast
    • Ads, ads, ads

    "What does the grill say?"

    Farm Chef series happens to be a fruit slice game, allegedly oriented to kids because of its cartoonish design. However, you have to slash animals instead in order to make hamburgers and sausages of them before grilling it all.

    Besides animals, flammable bottles are also launched. The play the role of bombs, ending the round without warning when you draw on them. There aren't combos or power-ups, so it doesn't matter how much you can bear it or how many animals you carve up with the same slash. There isn't any kind of tutorial or tips, and you're thrown into the game without knowing exactly what to do.

    Therefore, very simple and somehow silly games, whose only pretext would be their children friendly concept if not for its lack of anything other than senseless carnage, set in below average graphics, poor animations and repetitive gameplay.

    In addition, full screen ads are shown at the end of every round and at the beginning of a new game, cooling down what it was already an unremarkable experience.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 12, 2014


    You are a master Farm Samurai Chef trying to slice farm animals to turn them into food. Farm Samurai Chef is an addicting action packed game. Slash the flying farm animals to turn them into food as you try and get high score. Try and slice as many animals as possible without hitting a flying lighter fluid bottle. During the game when you see a grill touch it to turn all the animals on the screen into food. When you see a fence touch it to stop all the animals on the screen. Touching the egg timer will slows down the generation of the animals and lighter fluid bottles.

    + OpenFeint Leader board
    + Slash 9 different animals
    + Grill turns all the animals on the screen into food
    + Fence stops all the animals on the screen
    + Egg Timer slows down the generation of animals and lighter fluid bottles
    + Easy to play hard to master

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