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    Fart Sound Board: Funny Fart Sounds & Boo Buttons's review

    Published: 2011-08-19, by Manu Galvez.

    Fart Sound Board allows you to play the funniest fart sounds

    • Lots of fart games
    • Shake, drag, talk to the device. Full entertaining
    • Great sound quality
    • Graphics could be improved
    • Boring after a while

    "Put your friends in embarassing situations"

    This app is as disgusting as funny. There are different "game modes" to play fart sounds in several ways. For example, there's a dashboard with different buttons with which you can play different fart sounds (up to 8). What's more, there's the "pull my finger" teaser, a fartometer, fart grenade with time delay, fart piano, elephant fart (talking fart), the classic whoopie cushion. What we'd like most is the automatic "fart machine": you can select a fart sound and the trigger mode by movement, touch or sound sensor.

    The quality of the sound is quite good and real. The graphics are a bit shabby though, but it's something perfectly normal in this kind of apps. It uses different Android sensors as accelerometer, microphone or screentouch response, what makes it way more interactive and funny. Much more than a simple button that plays a fart sound.

    Fart Sound Board has been developed by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets, a developer who has launched dozens of apps and widgets, all of them related to entertainment and fun.

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    Aug 19, 2011


    Top free fun fart app!
    +++ 20 Fart Apps in 1! +++

    --- Features---
    - Funny Games - Crazy Games - Fun Games
    - Fart button - fart buttons
    - Fart sounds - Despicable Farts - Poo Sounds
    - Whoopee cushion
    - Fart games
    - Fart app
    - Fart bomb
    - Fart detector
    - Fart Machine
    - Fart Music
    - Fart Noises
    - Fart Prank

    More info about the funny games and crazy games of the funny Fart App:

    - The automatic Pocket Fart Machine Extreme FX:
    A fart will play when a voice or a noise is too loud. You can set up the sensitivity with one simple slide and choose the trigger modus, sound movement and touch. Extremely funny when the phone is hidden somewhere

    - The mega Fart Sound Board:
    With this crazy and vulgar soundboard blaster you can play easily by pressing different buttons.

    - The piano:
    Play the piano with tons of great inverted burp notes.

    - The whoopee cushion:
    Warning: Do not sit or think about letting somebody do it as the phone will not carry the weight of a human being.

    - The explosive fart grenade:
    Let the brown thunder grenade explode in the time you define! You can set the seconds of the deflate alarm timer and hide the device and let it explode

    - Pull my finger 3D:
    Pull the 3D finger and hear the different farts - from wet to atomic. This is a great functionality for kidding friends.

    - Stinky A** Detector:
    Find out if your friends are stinky. Great FUN at parties!
    Advice: By using this tool, do not let you friend discover that you move your finger on the secret slide bar.

    - The talking fart:
    Talk to the elephant and he answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch.

    - The fart shaker:
    Shake your phone! The one who shakes the phone the most will be elected as Flatulence Mega Man!

    - The fart games:
    Collect points by quickly touching the right butts. Pay attention to the wrong ones which are red.

    - A.. Lighter

    - Funny Jokes Collection

    - Fart lie detector:
    Did one of your friends drop a bomb? Find out the truth!

    - Match pairs:
    Find the same looking images on the board and train your memory with this cool match 2 game.

    - Fart wheel:
    Turn the wheel clock and anti clock wise to listen to the different fart and poo sounds.

    - Gift Prank:
    Give a wonderful presents to your friends and let them open the mysterious box.

    - and more...

    Download Fart Sound Board: Funny Fart Sounds now! Please rate the Fart Sound Board: Funny Sounds app with 5 poo ... ehhhh .... sorry.... with 5 stars if you like it ;-) Thank you!

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