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    Published: 2012-03-13, by Peter Warrior.

    An original timed painting game.

    • Original
    • Extremely easy to learn
    • Suited for everyone

    "Call me Leonardo daFast"

    Sometimes, games simple as hell have that awesome ability to amaze us. I'm sure you know what we're talking about. It may be color birds and green pigs, slicing polygons or making lines with falling pieces. It doesn't matter how, but there are games that you can learn in less than a minute and bring hours and hours of play. It might be nonsense play, of course, but not all games must be 3D blockbusters with plots worthy of a film. At least, not in a mobile ecosystem.

    You'll learn to play Faster Painter in the first screen. Tap on a color, select a brush size and smear all the canvas with paint. If you stain where you shouldn't, use the eraser you'll find at the bottom right of the screen. It seems easy, isn't it?

    As we forewarned back in the first paragraph, don't let you be fooled by such a simple premise, as maybe we are facing one the most original and addictive games we've seen so far this year. In addition, there are a lot of levels, every one with its own caricatured yet recognizable piece of art -great design work here- and a three star rating depending on your percentage of faithfulness that unlocks bonus levels.

    In the course of the game, between levels, you can spend your money on Tricks and Traps. It's a poisoned option, because the more you increase the options to get a trick (e.g., an airbrush), more likely is that you are bothered by a trap while working on your masterpiece counterfeit. Originality above all, even in the upgrade system.

    Oh, and there's a plot, too. You're an art forger hired by different art collectors in order to recreate the most famous world paintings. Great game, suited for children and grown ups, and a great alternative to other much worn out genres inside casual gaming.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 13, 2012


    Paint, draw, colour, finish up… but do it as soon as possible!

    Fastest Painter is an extraordinary game that mixes drawing and playing. All is sprinkled with fantastic bonuses, from “Tricks & Traps” to the secret paintings, which can be unlocked only by the best of you, but, above all, by the fastest painter!

    All the graphic features derive from digitalized handmade drawings, from the cartoons of the most famous canvases in the world subdivided according to their location in the most important museums of the globe to all the queerest and most incredible characters who enrich this fantastic game.

    The beginning of this adrenaline adventure could only be in Italy, the country of art, where Big Boss saves Johnny Brush from the street and poverty, taking him on the way of legend and notoriety since he will become a talented forger!

    The trip continues along the streets run by a patriotic Jean-Luis Baguette, keeper and admirer of French art museums, and then all over the world touching the Great Britain of The King till the United States of America in the Big Apple of Big Mama with final stop at the North Pole to the mysterious Enigmus and to his extraordinary private collection.


    The task of John Brush is to forge all works of art as precisely as possible, with very little time available. In order to do this, he will have the opportunity to take advantage of some tricks provided by his boss, but for each trick there is also a trap ...

    If he is able to paint more than 90% of the works of art obtaining 3 stars, which is the highest rating, he will have a super bonus canvas ...

    The score obtained will be useful to buy "Tricks & Traps", special tools made available by each boss. You can't decide when or which Tricks & Traps to use, in fact during the game they will appear randomly around the canvas and you have to be quick to click on them. Then just see what happens!

    You can access to all the available arsenal of Tricks & Traps tapping on "Trick & Traps" in the main menu and you can buy the ones unlocked.

    Good for kids coloring !

    Enjoy the game!

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