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    Fatty Snake Game

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    The golden age of video game has gone. Even though you still can replay the classic games on your cell phone which Android system. For example, you can play the classic game, snake, from this app. It is free for all. Welcome to download and have fun!

    Lots of levels
    Tilt to control the fatty snake
    Eating apples to grow longer
    Easy and simple to play
    For Android system users

    Playing method introduction
    In this app, you can control the fatty snake by tilting the cell phone. When the game begins, the cell phone is flat in your hand, tilt it up to 45 degrees in any angle to control the fatty snake.
    Press the menu button to restart and exit from the game, you also can resume the game by pressing this button. Or you can press the back button of your cell phone to resume, restart and exit.
    Eating the apples appear on the ground to help the fatty snake getting longer than before.
    The game ends when the head of the fatty snake come up against its body.

    New game
    Start your first level here. The purpose of first level is collecting 15 apples. The collecting here means eating.
    Press the start button to start your game and the exit menu to go back to the main interface.
    Select level
    In this app, you can only select levels that you have played before. In the very first, the My First Level is the only choice for you.
    Here are some other levels, including Big Stone, Stonehenge, Quick Game and Maze.
    Under the levels, there is a button for you to go back to the main user interface of this app, just click it when you want to.
    This part could tell you how to control the fatty snake and the usages of some certain buttons.
    High score
    Check the high score of this game here. The top 10 will be listed in this section.

    1. This is a FREE app.
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    Snake is a casual video game which originated during the late 1970s in arcades and has maintained popularity since then, becoming something of a classic