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    Find Game: IT Logos

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    It is a free intellectual game that will develop your memory! This game will check your attetiveness with pictures of IT Logotypes.
    You start to train your memory and attetion since the first level, memorizing images of IT Logotypes.
    The game is quite simple, so any child can play in it.

    Rules of the game:
    The game has many levels, each of which you will have to remember all of the images of IT Logotypes on the screen for a few seconds, after that they are turned face-up. Then you are given with a certain picture of IT Logotypes. Your task is to remember at what place this photo was and select it. Your task is to remember at what place this photo was and select it.
    Interface of the game is very friendly and intuitive, so you can easily and simply understand, what to do :)

    + Large collection of images of IT Logotypes!
    - Microsoft
    - Java
    - WiFi
    - Intel
    - Raspberry Pi
    - and many other!
    + Cool background music!
    + Simple and intuitive interface!

    + Play and set new records!
    + Compete with your friends!
    + Train your memory and attention!

    In order to keep this app free for you, we use advertising. Application with advertising can create advertising icons on the desktop of your device and, sometimes, pop-ups. Do not worry, they can be easily removed. Advertising does not bring your phone or tablet any harm, even if the antivirus detects the application as "undesirable."
    No viruses are here.

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    The application was created by fans for fans for entertainment purposes only.

    Disclaimer: All characters and logos belong to their respective companies and are protected by copyright and laws of the respective countries. You are not granted any rights to use them.
    We would appreciate if you rate our game and leave your comment. We were working for you! Your ideas and suggestions to improve the game will be considered as soon as possible.

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