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    After his initial defeat by Finger's hands, Bowlofos, the evil alien bowler has decided to take revenge. He has set his sights upon Earth, Finger's home planet and has vowed to destroy the Seven Wonders of Our World! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to save the Seven Wonders!!

    Game Features:
    1. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World in this sequel to Finger Bowling
    2. Wacky power-ups to experience bowling like never before
    3. Easy and improved use of controls
    4. Avoid out of this world obstacles in the bowling lane
    5. Ability to control the bowling ball till the moment it hits the pins makes this stand out among all the other bowling games

    Position: Select Finger's starting position by hitting the Left (4) & Right (6) keys for left and right. Power: Press 5/central navigation key to define the power of the throw. Movement: While the ball is rolling towards the target keep hitting the Left (4) & Right (6) keys to control the direction. Pause Menu : Left Soft Key. Power-up icons appear at random on the bowling lane before a roll and can be collected upon impact with the ball.

    This Game will work on devices with screen sizes 240x320,320x480,480x800,480x854

    Tags: flexionactivity

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