Fire NFC Beta




    It’s a multiuser water relay game that uses NFC to pass water from a device to another.

    A “water supply” provides water to other devices, and also generates it once in a while. Water may be passed to a “bucket” increasing the probability that the water will diminish the fire, or use it directly on a device "caught on fire" (building), with less probability to affect the fire.
    The amount of water or fire a device can hold is directly proportional to the screen size (in inch) of the device. Larger devices (tablets of 7 or 10 inches) will contain more water or fire, than a phone, for example.

    Please be sure NFC is enabled. This game requires at least two devices to play (one as water supply and another as the ignite).

    Only devices running Android 4.0+ and have NFC are supported

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