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    Flatland is a flat world.
    In the beginning there was nothing.
    Then the first shapes, primitive, were born by the finger of the creator.
    These shapes have a body obeying the laws of physics defined by the super-creator.
    Flatland is a small world which nobody can leave, even after death.
    Death is necessary in order not to stifle the physical body.
    But the soul shape of the body remains beyond the matter.

    Love is a very strong force.
    Male and females of the same species will love each other.
    Couples are formed, and will not dismantle ever.
    Bodies are stuck in their passion, even beyond death.
    But if love was to disappear by the will of the creator, this would be a new freedom for the bodies.
    But that would be like exchanging the trap of love for the trap of eternal movement.

    Once there was no life; bodies were born only by the finger of the creator.
    Then life was, the one that happens by itself, by the serendipity of encounters between males and females.
    To ensure life, is to give up on passion; movement continues beyond love, in order to maintain dynamics for the sake of children.
    The legend tells that the super-creator faced a dilemma between multiplication and regulation.
    Therefore he decided that bodies would be born sexual.
    But the day of engendering would be the first and last time.
    After their unique child, bodies would leave their sexuality, free at last, forever.

    The super-creator loves to invent new laws, to the delight of creators worldwide ...

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