Flight Simulator B737-400 HD

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    Flight Simulator B737-400 HD's review

    Published: 2013-04-26, by Peter Warrior.

    A Boeing simulator

    • Poor performance and graphics
    • Few playability, lack of goals
    • Serious UI issues

    "Thank you for flying with us. Really."

    We undertook the idea of reviewing this Simulator series quite excited, and perhaps our hopes were too high. Flight simulators have always been a popular genre on PC (rather than consoles) but didn't land at all on mobile devices till the advent of Unity graphic engine. However, flight simulators have also always been one of the most complex genres for developers, both for the difficulty of physics and graphics involved and for the harshness and rigor of simulator players.

    This boing is driven as if it were a school bus, you can only speed up or down and steer left or righwards. You can do so at your whim, because this game lives in a pocket dimension where laws of physics don't apply, so if you want to flip a Boeing over, this is your game. Expect to crash soon, because your monstrous plane can even explode while starting on the runway, and you can land doesn't matter whether you were horizontal or, whatever. Graphics are poor and some user interface issues make hard to tap on you have to. If at least you received a "no survivors" message you could think that you are playing a simulator game.

    We recognize that developing a good flight simulator is a hard challenge only a few developers dare to take, but the result here is far from what we'd like.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 26, 2013


    Fly a B737-400 in a real world simulated environment!

    - You can fly during daylight and night!
    - Real airplane physics.
    - 2 airports
    - Realist terrain.
    - Using Nasa’s utility FoilSim 3 to calculate the physics of the airplane (really realistic).
    - Other aircrafts on scenario.
    - World is really huge!
    - Day and night flights!
    - Ability to rotate the camera around the plane.
    - Air brakes on landing.

    - 4 different views:
    - Full plane (also rotating the camera!)
    - Cockpit
    - Passanger view, or "Wing view"
    - Tower view

    - Situational simulated:
    - Engine failure if the aircraft hits a structure.
    - Heat and temperature problems on overspeed.

    Now the game is divided in missions!
    - landing mission
    - take passengers from one airport to another
    - land a Boeing 737-400 experimenting some engine problems
    - free flight
    - improved audio and controls.
    - better graphics, environment and performance.
    - enhanced shadows, more realistic game.
    - now you can play during the day and at night!

    The plane explodes on buildings and floor!

    This version is compact to fit Android devices, so you can enjoy the experience of real flight a Boeing 737-400!

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