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    Published: 2012-01-11, by .

    Make the baby jump higher while catching the good items and avoiding the obstacles

    • Entertaining
    • Easy to play
    • Many similar games
    • Doesn't have anything special

    "Baby got milk"

    Fly Gaga is a trampoline centered game in which your goal is to fly up in the sky and catch the good items while avoiding the obstacles. What to do first? Just pull the trampoline down and release it so it can jump freely. Then, tilt your phone right or left to move it.

    There are two modes, the classic and the Halloween one (even if it's January now) and the graphics are kind of childish but fun. The several elements that make the game more complete are the milk, which gives power to jump higher, the candy that gives twice the power, the thunder hat that fries obstacles, the shield that protects the baby, the booster that makes the baby invincible and finally the three elements that make him fly higher (cute bird, rocket and bomb launcher). Of course, there are also many obstacles that hinder its rise.

    JCE is the creator of Fly Gaga and other two apps like Rule the Sky. However, that one is much better than this simple arcade game that doesn't have anything special. It works well and it's kind of fun but there are many similar games in the market.

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    Jan 11, 2012


    ** A Long-time Top 5 ranker in Major Markets!! **

    Blast to the past with Fly Gaga, as you bounce your worries away on the trampoline.
    Obtain special items as you fly up into the sky, but watch out for black-holes and other obstacles on the way! Control the flying baby by tilting the screen from side to side. Smash obstacles on the way down! Feel the rush of adrenaline as game gains speed!

    An exciting arcade game with a baby jumping off a trampoline to fly up into the sky, obtain special items and dodge obstacles along the way.
    Game that can compete scores with your NEST friends and enjoy together.
    With a gift to friends Heart and enjoy Fly Gaga
    Play both 'FlyGaga' and 'Rule the Sky' to received additional rewards in ‘Rule the Sky.’

    [How to Play]
    1. Touch the screen, pull down and release the trampoline, shooting the baby into the sky.
    2. The more you pull, the higher baby will jump.
    3. Control to left and right , obtain item and avoid obstacles.
    4. Obstacles, excluding the Back-hole, can be smashed as the way down.
    5. Be sure to land on the trampoline as it changes its location! The arrow will give you a guide.

    - Milk: Gives power to jump higher
    - Candy: Gives twice the power of Milk
    - Thunder hat: Fries obstacles with thunder
    - Helmet: Smashes all the obstacles on the way up
    - Shield: Protects the baby from obstacles while going up
    - Booster: Baby becomes invincible and can fly much higher
    - Cute bird: Gets flying boost
    - Rocket: Gets bigger flying boost
    - Bomb launcher: Gets even bigger flying boost
    ** You can purchase other special items and Gaga’s friends in game shop

    - Red balloon: Baby gains weight and cannot fly higher
    - Black balloon: Baby goes out of control moves in the opposite direction
    - Bees: Game over when baby touches
    - Board: Game over when baby touches
    - Ladybug: Game over when baby touches
    - Black-hole: Game over when sucked in, the only obstacle that cannot be smashed
    - Water drop: Expands when the baby comes near, game over when baby touches
    - Raining Goblin: Game over when baby touches rain or goblin
    - Drunken bird: Game over when baby touches

    - Internet connection (3G or Wifi) is required to play the game.
    - This game may be made in the purchase of the items on the game via in-app-purchase payment. in-app-purchase products nature cancellation. User carelessness, or children, or merchandise purchase in-app-purchase by others, even if non-refundable, so please note that.

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