Fly! Mr. Rocket




    This is the new work of "Kuma the Bear"! A cheerful and easy-to-play game for everyone!
    Let us show you the fly'n action game "Fly! Mr. Rocket" that can be enjoyed with just one finger!
    Pilot Mr. Rocket, and let's fly to the end of the universe!!
    What?! Mr. Rocket transform can transform into Mr. Robot when catching items?! Yes he will!!

    It's super easy to play!
    Sweep your finger over the screen and let Mr. Rocket go from left to right!
    Let's aim for the end of the universe while dodging obstacles that will appear one after one!
    If you collect 100 coins, a transformation item will appear! Getting transformation items is key to winning!
    If you get a dash item, Mr. Rocket will gain super speed!! With this super fast speed, you can flash by the obstacles!!

    [Reasons why we recommend Fly! Mr. Rocket]
    You can start playing immediately without having to register!
    It's easy to play and you will love it!
    You can transform into Mr. Robot by getting transformation items!?
    The more you play, the better you become! Invite your friends and compete with each other!

    -COLOPL, Inc. -

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