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    football game players quiz

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    This is a free game about football, specifically designed for soccer fans.
    If you are tired of the normal word-guessing game (4 pics 1 word or 1 pic 1soccer word), Please soon join our new game full of unique design concepts and innovative thinking,
    Surely you will see one picture in each level of the game but only one part show for hinter, which needs your collect the knowledge and imagination to guess the correct spelling from the complete picture. To obtain awards (gold coin).

    Game pictures contain multiple fields, including trademarks, brand, celebrities, sports, geography, culture, and military etc.
    If you want to reduce the difficulty! You can click the hidden part of the picture to get more prompts. You know that this click will requires the gold coin.

    We also offer kinds of props to help you finish the task:
    Bomb: This function can help you eliminate the wrong letter, requires several gold coins.
    Hint: tell you one correct letter, requires 10 gold coins.
    Voice Guide: read the correct spelling for you, requires 30 gold coins.
    Friends to help: free functionto seek helpsfrom friends by the social software.

    Intellectual casual games can help us with mental exercise, active thinking, enrich lifeetc. Please share the game with your friends, colleagues and family members to creative a harmonious atmosphere.

    Through our games, you can prove your ability and gain sense of accomplishment.
    If you like to guess maps, puzzles, I am sure you'll love this game. Come on!

    Application is free use; upgrade version is still free of charge. Please understand with the advertisements included in the game. We would like to design better games for you in the near future.
    The application is suitable for all ages!
    We are happy to follow your feedback to design and provide much better game content. If you satisfied this application, please kindly give us the evaluation of 5 stars. Thanks for your time!

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