Frantic Frog HD

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    Slurp, hop, and ribbit along with Hopkins the frog in this comical and frantic arcade-action game for Android smartphones and tablets!

    Help Hopkins eat enough bugs to survive another harsh winter as you battle for control of the pond against the Queen Bee. Collect coins to spend on new clothing and outfits for Hopkins including hats, sunglasses, and the highly coveted Zombie Outfit.

    * Simple controls allow anyone of any age to pick up and play. (even your pet!)

    * No microtransactions! Kids can play this game anytime without leaving Mom and Dad with a shocking bill.

    * Enjoy 5 unique game modes and challenge yourself to unlock all 20 Awards.

    * Buzz buzz! 9 different bug types and 3 challenging boss battles featuring Super Fly, Mantis and Queen Bee.

    * Ribbit ribbit! Besides Hopkins, meet 6 other helpful frogs, each with their own personality.

    * Flying coins! Collect coins to spend at J.D. Frogafeller’s store Swamp & Stuff. You can outfit Hopkins with over 1,000 different clothing combinations!

    * Catch all 3 Gold Flies in a season to unlock Bonus Mode! Can you smell those coins?

    * Are your thumbs ready? Wasp Mode and Bug Blitz will keep your fingers twitching.

    * Rather lay back and enjoy the serene sounds of the pond? Try Zen Mode.

    * It's good to give back. When you buy Frantic Frog or Frantic Frog HD, a percentage of your purchase will go towards helping real frogs in the wild.

    *** Thank you for playing! ***

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