Turn your Android into a pond for little frogs to swim in! Be careful though, if you touch the pond they'll get scared.

    Froglets is a flocking behaviour simulation. These tadpoles want to make a home in your phone and swim with their buddies. They get upset when you tap the screen close to them.

    Play with the app and set it up the way you want. Then, you can change your wallpaper to the Froglets Live Wallpaper (bundled with the app), and have the Froglets swim on your phone as you do other things.

    How Froglets swim:
    - Froglets try to keep a certain distance from others of the same colour. Not too close, not too far.
    - They try to swim in the same direction as their neighbours.
    - Froglets avoid others of different colour.
    - Froglets are simple creatures. They can only see their four closest neighbours.

    Experiment - see what happens when you change the number of:
    * Froglets on the screen
    * Species of Froglets (colours)
    * Visible neighbours.

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