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    Ready for Halloween? Your Halloween costume is already top notch? If you look like a monster, you will want to sound like one, too! This app, synchronizing monster sound effects with your footsteps, is a perfect accessory for a Halloween walk! Make your Halloween sound like never before!

    A zombie, or some dinos are always the center of parties and fun – especially if they walk around emitting cool noises! Fun Steps – Monsters is an essential application for having fun. Using state of the art motion detection technology, you can walk and sound like a monster.

    Every step you take, the sound of your step will be of a zombie or a Dinosaur – so you’ll sound like a real monster! And it doesn’t count if your shoe is silent – the noise will come from your mobile device when you step with it.


    You want to use your phone or pad to have fun? Want to scare your friends with a good joke? Maybe you are at a party trying to stay on the center of attention? Fun Steps – Monsters let you and you friends to laugh and smile with the most innocent of scares ever!

    Nowadays zombies and walking dead are everywhere – those pesky undeads are attacking in every corner. Back from the Dead means them more and more hunger for living flesh, They can totally consume you – even they are just joke. If zombies aren’t enough, we bring back some long exctint animals, that lately are also very popular. Those dinos, or dinosaurs are long gone in reality, but those reptiles still exist in our imagination and in our Fun Steps - Monsters.

    Of course, trying out Fun Steps – Monsters doesn’t mean to be the master of Monsters immediately - you'll be not a perfect T. Rex or undead in some minutes. After the first experiences you must try the application different times to became the real master of Fun Steps - Monsters. Of course, the configuration of this app can help a loat, but only a lot of practice makes you a real master, sounds like a real T. Rex or a real undead or walking dead.

    Let’s talk a little more about the fun itself: you can walk around as a zombie-like creature, sounding squishy. Those walking dead sometimes scuffle, sometimes walk using their fangs our tooth - like undead generally do. The Way You Walk will be converted you into a zombie or a T. Rex that can surprise and entertain your friends, associates on your office or on a party making Fun Steps – Monsters a real party game.

    Your friends, colleagues even your girlfriend (or boyfriend, in case) will like it, but the potencial fanbase are kids: boys and girls liking dinos and zombies. And of course if you see a real T. Rex, coming, or an undead horde to follow you be one of them walking - that can save your life! :)

    Of course mature people can use Fun Steps – Monsters for their personal horror and scare needs or local thriller happenings.

    If you like Fun Steps – Monsters please share your experiences on Facebook inviting more friends for being able to became undead or T.Rex, and for having once in a lifetime entertainment opoortunity with some unique jokes, or simply just playing together as zombies or dinos. We give you the tool – you use your creativity for full effect!

    - The perfect accessory for any Halloween party or Halloween walk
    - Monsters included: Zombie, T. Rex, Stregoceras.
    - Motion Detection technology
    - Step Sensitivity is costumizable
    - Zombie and dino voices
    - Experience sharing capacity on Facebook
    - Walking delay adjustable
    - Instructions included
    - Lot of fun, entertainment, and party.


    The use of loud sound can cause random errors of detection in some devices. That can make the application unresponsive or having erratic behaviour. Those devices work perfectly with low volume sound or with earphones.

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