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    Android fart: this funny and cool fart application to helps you to create funny jokes and hilarious situations.

    Android fart, contains 8 nasty farting sounds (fart, pranks, farts, burps, vomits, cool farting, farting) so you can listen to them at any time, without a data connection!

    Have fun with friend, fart them whatever the reason you have just play android fart sounds: farts, burps, vomits, coughs, snores, snorts, spits, and many more.

    About Android fart (cool farting sounds)
    What exactly is a fart? The word "FART" can stand for: Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor. Farting, also known as flatulence is the act of passing intestinal gas from the anus. Intestinal gas comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas that seeps into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts. Burps are not farts that come out your mouth. They have to do with your stomach.

    We all know that the word “fart” describes a body function, more exactly, the function of passing intestinal gas – flatulence. Although it’s such a “dirty” word, these days it’s considered less vulgar. People love to make fart jokes and pranks with funny farting sounds. There are many fart sound apps that help jesters have a really great time!

    Flatulence humor it’s very popular among younger people, but don’t assume that older people don’t know how to have fun with funny fart sounds and jokes. There are many people practicing fart jokes even at work! Of course, not everyone can enjoy a funny cool fart sound joke with their coworkers, but if you’re lucky enough to work in a friendly environment, go ahead and do your fart pranks! It will be pretty embarrassing, but you will all laugh and have a good time!

    Remember not to make any fart sound joke around your boss or during business meetings, in this kind of formal meetings you shouldn’t probably make any king of joke! Some people may consider it a really impolite gesture, although you didn’t actually “fart”! So just stick to your best friends and colleagues, they will know to appreciate your humor!

    If you’re interested in fake farting sounds and fart humor you can download this app. Yes, there are dozens fart sound, farting stories, cool fart sounds, fart jokes this is real fart machine. You can make your funny fart sound joke and then even have an interesting conversation about the history of…. fart. Of course, it’s a really hilarious subject, but I bet that everyone will be surprised you know so much about this subject.

    If you interested in Farting you just can search on the Internet and you will find lots of information, books and other resources. The Internet it’s also the best place to find fart sound apps like this one. The fart sound apps are somehow those whoopee cushions people used in the past. I’m sure you all remember those whoopee cushions or razzberry cushions people used for making fart sounds jokes. Those devices really made some funny sounds, but to be honest, it was a little hard to find the right moment or the right place to put it. Now, with just a simple click, you can make a fart sound prank anytime and anywhere you like.

    Fart sounds apps are some of the most popular apps, people all around the world download fart apps every single day. What can be funnier than making a fart sound prank when no one is expecting it? Fart apps are really a great help for anyone that wants to have a great time! It may seem vulgar and embarrassing, but if you’re surrounded by the right persons, you will all enjoy a pretty hilarious moment!
    So what are you waiting for? Start your research and find the best fart sounds available on the internet! There are plenty of fart sound apps waiting for you to try and enjoy them! Happy pranks!

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