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    Probably the BEST FREE Android Villain Hitting APP! See the video demo (in Cantonese, Mandarin, English) on this page for example of Villain Hitting!

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    Villain Hitting (beat/hit-the-bad-guy) or Petty Person Beating or demon exorcising, in Chinese: Da Siu Yan (打小人) is a culture ritual tradition in Hong Kong. It has become one of the 63 Intangible Cultural Heritages in Hong Kong. Its purpose is to curse someone by magic so that good luck will come to you!

    Beating the Petty Person:Best of Asia 2009 by TIME Magazine:

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    If you're interested in our cultures or wish to learn our language, this APP is your best test of fluency and taste the beauty of our mother tongue, Cantonese!

    This APP was found by the famous Hong Kong stage actor: king of comedy Mr. Jim Chim sui-man and used the ideas to promote his stage show. His YouTube Promo video:

    Pick a photo from your phone or use the default villain graph for tapping. You can write the name of the villain with finger on the screen, you can also use the photo as a drawing board to draw any things you like. When you tap, a random size of a circle is marked on the photo and a cursing chant in Cantonese is played.

    In this new version, a brand new game is introduced: Pat Villain with weapon! The hitting sound is so exciting and fun!

    Creating the 343 slogans, record the sound files and writing this FREE Game spent me a lot of time and efforts, your encouragement is much appreciated for me to keep writing FREE APP to share with you guys! You may also leave message and share with me your favorite chants through my BLOG!

    How To Play: (Explanations of Menu options)

    1) Animation Tap:

    Tap the screen, a cursing or funny chant or slogan in Cantonese will be broadcasted randomly from a total of 343 made-up chants.

    2) Cursing Tap (Use Villain graph):

    Think of the villain in your life or write the name and beat it! A chant in Cantonese will be played when you tap. This helps to reduce pressures in your life, family, work, study or emotion! Have fun, relax, enjoy and have good luck!

    3) Cursing Tap> Gallery:

    Pick a photo or picture from your phone's gallery and hit the bad guy as 2) above!

    4) Pat Villain> Gallery: (Weapon Villain Hitting)

    Pick a photo or picture from your phone's gallery. When you tap, a weapon is fired with patting sound. Weapons include:

    1) Most powerful "Wolf Sticks"
    2) Bad smelling "feces"
    3) Traditional Villain Hitting tool "shoes"
    4) Poisonous "Snakes"
    5) Itchy "Ants"

    Tap the villain everyday, your happy moods will always stay!

    Join me to preserve and promote this local culture!

    Please recommend it to your friends and relatives. Thank you!

    Extra use of this APP: When I was stuck in something, I play this APP and see other different information to re-fresh my thinking. After that, my problem solved! This works to me as I think the APP acts as a brain re-freshing medium. For example, when I cannot think of the lyrics, I direct my attention to this APP for a moment and then the lyrics come out! Why not share with us how you use this APP?

    A word of reminder: don't play this APP when eating if you could not hold your laughter. Otherwise your food may be spitting out!

    Feel stressed or want to kill your time? Play this APP and laugh yourself. Your pressure will be gone!

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