Garfield's Estate




    Garfield, the world’s famous lasagna-loving cat is back in a fun and mysterious adventure!

    Garfield just found out his Great Uncle Reginald has left his ENTIRE fortune to him, including the recipe to the legendary Spagolli Lasagna! Garfield can have it all, but there is a catch: he has to rebuild his uncle’s mysterious manor back to its former glory.

    Team up with Jon and Odie as they join the world’s laziest cat on this fun adventure to explore the mysterious Woods and unlock the secrets of their new home! Only one thing can make Garfield get out of bed - lasagna!

    What you should be doing in this game:

    - Explore the mysterious Woods
    - Rebuild and explore Garfield’s new Estate
    - Have fun with your favorite cat and all of his friends
    - Build the world’s first Curry Sushi Taco food truck - Yum!
    - Protect Odie from getting kicked off a table
    - Help Garfield put on a fun show for Arlene
    - Build a Pizza Place for easy access. No more delivery!

    What you should avoid doing at all cost:

    - Expect anything from Garfield on Mondays
    - Take Garfield to the cat dietitian
    - Help Jon try (and most likely, fail) to take Liz on a fun date
    - Seek new adventures with Jon - we all know these things always end up on a hospital bed!
    - Build a rocket ship to send Nermal to the moon - even if Garfield insists… a lot!

    DISCLAIMER: “Because I am in it, it’s the cutest game of all time!”- Nermal.

    SOUND: Keep the sound on to listen to Garfield’s original voice.

    REVIEWS: Please rate Garfield's Estate and leave us a review! We would love to hear how much fun you are having on Garfield’s new and mysterious adventure!

    IN-APP PAYMENTS: Garfield's Estate is free to play but you can buy special items (like this special lasagna that accelerates time) to use in the game.

    NOTE: Garfield's Estate is in BETA so please expect frequent updates and possible resets.

    LOG PERMISSION: We use the log permission to debug the game. Help us catch the bugs!

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