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    Are you a master of timing? Then you will master Gem Timing :)

    + it's a casual game
    + you have several game modes (including 2-player)
    + there are highscores for each category

    How to play:

    Best choice for making first steps in Gem Timing is to play a couple of Easy Games.
    As you start Easy Game, you get 6 target points of time displayed on the left side of the screen.
    Pressing the Start button launches a hidden timer. Meanwhile the button swaps from Start to 'Submit' which indicates that the game is in progress.

    At Easy Game mode, your goal is to press Submit button anytime when 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 seconds have passed after start.

    The more accurate you are, the more points you will get. If you catch the target exactly, 300 points are yours. By each millisecond you miss it, you'll get 1 point less. Negative scores are also possible, if you miss goal by more than 300 milliseconds. This results in six partial scores which are eventually added together to the final score.

    If you master the Easy Game mode, feel free to try out Pro Game. The Submit pointer in the second column won't blink anymore. Each Pro Game mode has its custom highscore.

    Advanced Game basically has the same principle as Easy Game, but the intervals of 1.75 seconds make it significantly more tricky to achieve a good score.

    Random Game is similar, but it has random time intervals that vary between 0.5 and 3.5 seconds which makes it even one step harder.

    Gem Five is a set of 5 rounds Easy Game. The points of all 5 rounds are added together to the final score.

    Rough Five means 5 tough rounds of Random Game. If you reign over this category, you can consider yourself a true champion of Gem Timing.

    Playing alone is fine. But playing with friends is even better! Try out Two Players mode. When you get to the selection window, enter your names into the input fields at first. Then choose one of the categories by selecting Casual/ Random/ Custom or Big Match. If you have done those selections, you may continue by pressing Start.

    Casual mode has 2 second intervals and you have to win 3 rounds for victory. To win one single round, you have to get a higher score than your opponent. The 'first service' swaps between the players in every following round (so it might be the same player's turn two times in a row).

    Random mode has varying time intervals and 3 rounds have to be won for victory, like in Casual mode.

    Finally in Custom mode you can set your favorite time interval and choose the amount of vicious rounds (1 to 10) to win the entire game. If you start without having selected anything, the default is a 2 second interval and 3 points to victory.

    Have a lot of fun with Gem Timing!

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