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    Explore Berlin as it might have been had Germany won WWII. Explore Hitlers bombastic vision of Berlin including the Volkshalle, which would have held three eiffel towers and the Triumphal Arch which could hold Paris's Triumphal Arch in its entrance.

    To move use your touchscreen and move the ball top left to move forward and back and to turn.

    If you are using Google TV use your controller DPAD to move. Also use the following keys on your controller:

    'D' key to change the time of day to night, sunset or day.
    'W' key to change the weather to cloudy, rain, fog or wind.
    'G' key to summon a guide to tell you about where you are
    'T' key to travel to different areas such as the Brandenberg Gate, Volkshalle and Triumphal Arch.
    'F' key to fly
    'M' key to show a map

    Welthauptstadt Germania (World Capital Germania) was designed by Hitler and his main architect Albert Speer. In fact Hitler was a failed architect and Albert Speer became a surrogate for Hitlers own architectural dreams.

    Germania now has GPS so if you switch it on while you are in Berlin it will place you at that position in the app. For example, if you standing outside the Reichstag in Berlin the app will read your GPS coordinates and show the Reichstag in the app.

    It is also integrated with Google Maps so for example if you are outside the Reichstag in the game you can see a current satellite view of the Reichstag in Google Maps.

    Germania is a neutral game which is neither pro or anti Nazi and is supposed to give people the experience of what Berlin may have been like.

    This is the free version. To play the full version which includes flying a Messerschmitt, changing the weather and driving a Volkswagon check out:

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