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    Ready for the road? Put down the to-do list, fill the tank and hit the highway with four road-trip-themed mini-games that let you play on the go, wherever your trip takes you. Don't let the miles drag by...take classic car games to the next level on your tablet or smartphone. Hate to break it to you, but you may never hear "Are we there yet?" ever again!
    The GO RVing Mobile App includes:
    United States of Bingo - Spot the license plates of different states on the cars around you...first person to spot it gets the square! Like a traditional game of Bingo you're trying to complete a row or column of 5 license plates...first player to get there is the winner. Keep your eyes peeled, those rare state plates are valuable so you gotta be fast!
    Funny Fill Ins - Want to hear a funny story? Well, we've got one but we need your help! Our stories are missing some key words...and Funny Fill Ins will ask you for different word types (Nouns, Verbs, Animals, Numbers, etc.) to complete the tale. When you've done them all you can read the whole thing...what sort of wacky stories will you create?
    Drive and Spy - Like a mobile one-armed bandit, Drive and Spy lets you spin the slots and try your luck. When the wheels stop, you must be on the lookout for that particular type and color of vehicle. Blue sedan? A red truck? A yellow SUV? never know what you're gonna get. When you find it, click SPIED IT and do it all again!
    Destination Alphabet - Your destination...the complete English alphabet! To play Destination Alphabet, you need only look for words in your surroundings. See a road sign that starts with the letter B? Check it off! Spy a restaurant that begins with the letter M? Check it off! Players compete to find all the letters...first one to fill up their board wins!
    The World Needs More Winners! Are you ready to play?
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