GGL's Knife don't kill women

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    GGL's Knife don't kill women

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    GGL’s knife don’t kill the women,but women to be fat too faster.that’s a problem

    GanGiaoLong's girlfriend AMY captured by the bad guys, but GanGiaoLong's kongfu is bad, and so hired bounty hunters to rescue her. Use bad tricks is constantly fed AMY eat delicious foods, take a variety of high-calorie , high-fat food to seduce her, her 48 kg by the graceful, continue to gain weight, and tie her to the wood of the cliff once AMY gain weight to 100 kg wood supporting force bad broken that AMY death can not blame anyone, her obesity kill herself, even the gods can not save her.

    The bounty hunter must constantly bad guys throw food eradication, There are sometimes 3 fiids, but sometimes more than 10 kind of foods. The bounty hunter’s knife must use his hands constantly aligned cuisine, and to eliminate the food, if the food is not done away with, AMY will continue to grab these foods to eat.

    Heat of food is not the same, and some food to eat will increase with 10Kg, and some will only increase with 5 kg. The bounty hunter eliminate the food each time, he'll get the bounty treasures, but the bounty hunter must hit knife skills then he could get bounty 1 to 3 coins, IF the bounty hunter continuous through several times off will get a "Gold Award", this time are thrown out all of the treasures, The bounty hunter must be within a certain period of time to get more gold coins

    More and more bad trick, the bounty hunter must use the coins to buy a better knife to crack the next level, the type of knife into the chef's knife, saw blades, machetes, hook knife, blue knife, golden knife. These must have enough gold to buy it.

    When the machetes and the hook knife thrown out, sometimes it can be split into two knives can be thrown out, you just click a knife when throw it out, The blue knife and the golden knife sometimes can be split into two or three knives

    Increasingly strong capacity in order to prevent the bounty hunter, the bad guys will be sent a sumo wrestler fat Legion, each one more over than 100 kg, if there is either a fat man jump to the wood, the wood will break immediately, then this hurdle is fail

    The game must use the power and sense of direction, throw out your knife to hit for standard knife fly out in the direction centripetal force of the curvature of the flight, not a straight line, so a little practice to get used to

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