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    Ghost SEED - the global game of local influence

    Ghost SEED is a free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, location-based game. Sign up as an operative for one of three Practical Particle Physics research organizations and start claiming territory for your side!

    When we say local, we mean very, very local.

    Spitting distance local. Everything you do in the game is done within a ~25 meter radius of your actual position on Earth. Since the game is played with dynamic, interacting pieces called SEEDs (Selective Entropy Emitting Dualities), other players are invisible in the game. Their ghostly influence can only be felt through the effects of their SEEDs.

    It's a game of territorial conquest played on a global map.

    Every operative belongs to one of three organizations competing for global dominance. You will place SEEDs to claim territory, attack enemies and defend allies. This is not just a numbers game - attacks happen through line-of-sight so placement matters.

    Strategize with your teammates. Undermine your enemies.

    Each organization has a unique motivation, but all are hell bent on expanding their influence at the expense of the others. Forums and in-game messaging allow you to strategize and coordinate tactical maneuvers with teammates. A dynamic, single-server, persistent world means your victories (and defeats) will change the balance of power on the map.

    There's a hidden world all around you. Wanna see?

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