GobbleFish is a fun and fast-paced game in which you start in the sea with a small fish. Your fish must eat other fishes of the same or smaller size in order to grow. Avoid bigger fish or your fish will get eaten!
    To move your fish, simply tap the screen and your fish will swim to that direction.
    You must always keep your fish fed. If your fish gets too hungry, he will shrink. If your fish is well fed, he will grow. Once your fish has achieved the highest size, he can keep eating all the other fish (except squids: squids spawn much rarer than other fish), but he will get hungry very fast so you must remain very active. To see how hungry your fish is, watch the hunger-bar on top of the screen.
    Upgrades will randomly spawn at the bottom of your screen and float upwards. Your fish can gain their effect by swimming against them. There are 3 upgrades: a speed-upgrade (your fish swims much faster for a short time), a shield-upgrade (your fish is protected from bigger fish for a short time), and a power-upgrade (your fish is able to eat any fish for a short time).
    When your hunger-bar is completely empty and your fish has the smallest size, it's game over. If your fish swims against a bigger fish, it's also game over.

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