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    Get a plane, catch a train or grab a cab, because this party is too Awesome and Fab!! The Google birthday Bash is about to begin. Catch up with the typical Mexican fun in a tradition pinata style game to celebrate this amazing birthday bash. Hit the swinging 'candy-lit pinata' to fetch as many candies as you can and score more. Remember, you have to score but with a blindfold!! So sing, dance, play and enjoy because this party is going to get hot, hotter and hottest!!

    One on one gameplay to challenge your friends with your high scores coming soon

    1. Gameplay on the similar lines of Google Doodle celebrating Google’s 15th
    2. Addictive 'Hit or Miss' Format.
    2. Traditional pinata style gameplay adopted.
    3. The Mexican zeal and flavor of celebration.
    4. Limited moves to earn maximum Candies.

    Gather all your love and wishes to congratulate Team Google as their 15th birthday ceremony is about to begin!! Witness the avid festive zeal in a typical mexican pinata flavor through this innovative arcade game. Join hands with Team Google to hit the swinging star pendulum. You have to hit the swinging Star pendulum harder in order to get maximum candies and toffees from the 'Candy-lit Star.' Enjoy this traditional pinata style game where by convention you will hit the star to earn candies but with certain limitation. The limitation of hitting the star with a 'blindfold' and of having specific number of moves goes hand in hand. Get ready to be a part of this awesome celebration and grab your earned candies.

    Celebrate and congratulate!! Enjoy Google Birthday Bash!!

    The idea, design and other elements of this game are inspired by Google's 15 Birthday Doodle which was released on Sep 27, 2013.
    No Copyright Infringement is intended and Google holds complete rights to it's ideas and elements.

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