Gophers vs Golfers & Caddies




    Gophers are by far the worst enemies of the golfers and caddies. If you have watched the hit movie Caddyshack you will know why. The feud between gophers and golfers/caddies is no exaggeration! What can these cute animals do to a beautiful golf course? The most common problems are that these rodents love to make holes in the fairways and putting greens. Golfers and caddies tend to twist their ankles in these holes and get hurt.

    These naughty little gophers of course love to hang out and play in the golf course! They will appear out of nowhere and make a big mess of the golf course. They are a real menace and It is time to get rid of them! You are the golfers or caddies in this game and your goal is to move the golf ball towards the annoying gophers and scare them back underground into the dunes. Avoid putting your ball into the golf hole yourself or you have to start the game again!

    To play "Gophers vs Golfers & Caddies" is easy. Using the accelerometer function of your mobile device, just tilt your smart phone or tablet to move the golf ball around. Roll the ball towards the rodents to make them disappear. This is one fun Android game for the whole family to enjoy! If you love the movie Caddyshack you will love this game. Download the game FREE now from your favorite app store!

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