Gravity Pairs Lite




    If you like pairs, match up or memory-games, you will love this one.
    Falling cards coming in waves, or cards sliding over chutes.
    Find the matching pairs before they touch the ground!
    Easy enough for kids, but challenging enough
    for grown-ups.

    Up to four players on the same device.
    Special mode for one player. Collect the pairs with as less mistakes as possible to earn highscore or solve waves of cards.

    Three game modes: Static, Stack, Waves.
    Wave: The cards are falling down. Can you clear the matching cards fast enough before they touch the ground?
    Chute: The cards slide down criss-cross over chutes. Remove all before they reach the ground.
    Stack: The cards are stacked. Remove one from a stack and the ones upon will fall down.
    Different decks with pictures: Flowers, Colors,
    Animals and Math.
    Play combos for bonus points and joker.
    Three difficulties (lite version only one).

    Train your short term memory while having fun!

    The full version contains the gamemode chute
    and two additional difficulties to play
    faster and with more (up to 42) cards.

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