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    Guess the car app tests the user's ability to identify all kind of car brands. Initially, the app presents the user with an image and four possible answers - one matches the image and the other is randomly selected, nonduplicated incorrect answer. The app displays the user's progress throughout the quiz, showing the question number (out of 20) above the image.
    The user chooses the button by touching the corresponding button. If the choice is correct, the app disables all the answer buttons and displays the car brand in green at the bottom of the screen. After a one-second delay, the app loads the next image and displays a new set of answer buttons.
    If the user selects incorrectly, the app disables the corresponding button, uses an animation to shake the image and displays incorrect in red at the bottom of the screen. The user keeps choosing buttons until the correct one is picked.
    After the user selects the 20 correct names, a popup dialog displays over the app and shows the user's total number of guesses and the percentage of correct answers. When the user touches the dialog's Reset button, a new quiz begins based on the current quiz options.
    The user can customize the quiz by using the app's menu ( top right corner of the screen ). When the user touches the device's menu button, the menu options Select number of choices and Select Category are displayed. When the user touches Select Number of Choices, the app displays alertbox from which the user can select 2, 4 or 6 as the number of answers to display below each image.
    When the user touches New Quiz in the app's menu, the app displays an alertbox containing a single bitton "Start New Quiz".
    This app is made for entertainment. Many features coming soon.

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