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    Published: 2014-05-09, by Peter Warrior.

    A tricky game about three gymnastics events

    • Gymnastics!
    • Challenging yet tricky
    • It'd be better with more realistic graphics
    • It feels somehow limited and cropped. Needs more stuff

    "I must get to the Olympics"

    Gymnastic events deserves a review at least because it's one of the few mobile video games about this sport, regardless of how popular it is or how many would like more games of this kind instead of soccer or football or whatever.

    Set in cartoon-like graphics, characters (there are several to choose among, though only two are unlocked, the rest need an in-app purchase) move via on-screen controls, which vary in every one of the three events: Vault, Trampoline and Balance Beam. In all three, tilt controlling plays a key role to avoid falling and scoring the more points the better.

    On the other hand, this game isn't easy. When you start you have not unlocked tricks, so you're forced to repeat the same over and over to scratch points and get a medal. Secondly, because it requires quite hand-eye coordination and timing, remembering those old key-masher Decathlon games from the late 80s. There's a 2$ kid's mode for sale with autorun and autoland, which is welcomed. You can also pay for new characters with different stats.

    in the end, a game worthy to be given a try. It's a gymnastics game, and although it might not be to write home about, it's original and has been made with a little bit of care. We can just hope it gets a top notch sequel or other developers jump onto the alternate non-mainstream sports bandwagon.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 09, 2014


    Come join the gymnastic competition on the vault, trampoline, and balance beam to win the Gold in Gymnastics Events!

    Choose your own gymnast and compete in three different gymnastics events. Run, flip and twist, testing your skills on the vault. See if you can stick the landing. Tumble and turn with perfect balance on the beam. Jump and flip on the trampoline to be a part of this fun and exciting gymnastics game! Show off your acrobatic skills!

    The better your performance, the more points and medals you can earn. Where will you stand on the victory podium? Go for the gold and become an elite champion with Gymnastics Events!

    * Now with a new TRAMPOLINE event!

    * Now with an all new BALANCE BEAM event!

    * Multiple gymnasts (girls and boys) to choose from, each with their own unique stats

    * Many different tricks and stunts to perform

    * Earn different medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and see where you stand on the ranking podium

    * Challenging and addictive game play

    * Kids mode option for easier game play

    * Options to upgrade your player stats!

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