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    Hard Target is one of the fun apps in our "pick up & play" series!

    Hard Target is Ad-Free!

    About Hard Target:

    The object of Hard Target is to keep the game going by getting your blue ball to the black ball before the red balls do while avoiding the moving obstacles!

    Hard Target uses your device's built in sensors. Tilt your device to guide the blue ball to the black ball.

    Watch out for the moving obstacles and red balls!!
    If you hit a moving obstacle, your blue ball and the obstacle moves to another random spot. Hitting an obstacle might help you or get you into trouble!

    If your blue ball gets hit by one of the red balls the screen will reset and you lose a life.

    You can "FREEZE" the red balls for 5 seconds by touching them but you can only freeze ONE at a time.

    If one of the red balls hits the black ball before you, the screen will reset, you lose a life, and the buttons turn red and the background changes to night.

    If you hit the black ball before one of the red balls, the screen will reset, you gain all 3 lives back, and the buttons turn blue and the background changes to day.

    If you lose all 3 lives the game is over.

    Every screen is randomly created so a new and different screen every time.

    When your current score reaches:
    10 - Another red ball appears!
    15 - The target starts moving!
    25 - Red balls go faster!

    How far can you go?

    Good Luck!

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