Hidden Memory - Enchantresses

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    Open the Book of Enchantresses and be enthralled by their mystical worlds. See through their magic, their charms, and their illusions. Turn each page to a new enchantress and to new challenges!

    Hidden Memory is a great way to improve your memory skills, and suitable for adults and kids alike.

    Three different modes of play!
    -NORMAL mode: timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
    -CASUAL mode: a nice and relaxing experience.
    -CHALLENGE mode: an extra challenge if you are up for it!

    Three different ways to memorize!
    -DISCOVERY MATCH: Discover the matches between cards and hidden objects.
    -MEMORY MATCH: Study the scene then flip cards to make matching pairs.
    -DRAG & DROP: Memorize where objects are located then place them back.

    Have Fun!