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    Hide It Find It Free: Hidden Object Challenge

    Play the FREE version of Hide It Find It, the addictive multiplayer app that lets you and your friends take it in turns to solve devious hidden object puzzles.

    Find objects hidden in a photo or picture, then send challenges to your friends. See who will be the fastest finder!

    HIDE IT!

    1. First you need to create your own custom background picture. Simply use an existing image, or take a photo.
    2. Hide a selection of photo-realistic objects in the picture. How sneaky will YOU be?
    3. When you're done, send the challenge to your friend!

    FIND IT!

    1. Tap on an object when you find it on your friend's hidden object puzzle.
    2. Try not to tap on an empty space - you'll receive a time penalty!
    3. The winner is the person with the fastest time...will it be you?

    It's easy to get started. Just connect with Facebook through this app to find and play with your friends.

    ----- > Addictive Features < -----

    * Take a new photo, or choose an existing image from your collection
    * Start with a pack of 10 objects to hide on your own custom background
    * Unlock new objects - there's something for everyone!
    * Make your objects harder to find with easy-to-use shade, fade, enlarge, reduce and rotate controls
    * Auto-magnify feature makes it easy to hide small objects on a small screen
    * Invite your friends to quick challenges and see who has the best powers of detection!
    * Take turns hiding and finding at your own pace. Perfect for gamers on the move
    * Push notifications alert you when it's your turn

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