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    Want to beat the heat? A refreshing Ice Pop is all you need! Cool down your summers with the yummy, juicy Snow Cones. Combat the sun and have some icy fun – with Ice Pop Maker!

    Show a thumbs-down to the scorching sun with the coolest app in your gadget - Ice Pop Maker. The latest cooking game - Ice Pop maker is your weapon and shield alike when it comes to facing the hot sun!
    Yes, making delicious Snow Cones is not difficult anymore, at least with your new Ice Pop Maker.

    Start with crushing ice in the Ice Crusher; Pour the crushed ice in a cup of your choice. Next comes the flavor; how about strawberry, banana, orange, blueberry, grapes etc? You can choose fruit syrups of a single flavor, combine two or three together, make an ice pop twister, or even all-in-one! Yes you can make your own Ice Pop rainbow and enjoy it on the go! Done with the juicy flavors? Now choose a cute little stick from a collection of beautifully created cartoon sticks. Make it more appealing by adding edible decorations that would make your ice cone irresistible! Decorate with sprinkles, candies, toppings, fresh fruits, sweets and what not! Just the sight of this cool juicy Snow Cone will make your mouth water. There are near-infinite colorful possibilities! Take your time and make the Ice Pop of your dreams.

    For all our little chefs out there- you are no longer dependant on an adult to supervise your cooking spree in the kitchen. Endless fun for everyone! We know you have a big heart, so distribute the snow cones among friends and family.

    Great, now you are all prepped up for facing the heat. Now sit back, relax. As they say, keep calm and eat ice pop. Eat it before it melts!

    ✔ Thousands of possible combinations for making your very own ice pops.
    ✔Several unique ingredient categories, each with 10+ items – all unlocked from the very start.
    ✔Completely free – no strings attached.
    ✔You can save your created ice candies and show it to your friends and family.
    ✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals.

    Ice Pop Maker - Copyright © ICAW – 2013

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